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Proof-of-Verified-Security Blockchain Based on DeepSEA Language Goes Live

Blockchain cybersecurity company CertiK, has launched its native CertiK Chain blockchain.
CertiK Chain can be developed in the functional programming language DeepSEA, which reportedly guarantees security by means of the code. Additionally, any on-chain smart contracts will reportedly have cryptographic certificates that serve as proof of verified security; however, smart contracts without such certificates could reportedly be run with additional fees.
The full nodes of the blockchain will reportedly run on CertiKOS, which they say is a “fully verified hypervisor / concurrent OS kernel” that provides purportedly military-grade security against hacking attempts. Additionally, the announcement states that the blockchain is underpinned by the CertiK Virtual Machine, which uses the company’s Formal Verification platform to make sure it is implemented correctly.

Kategori: Blockchain
Tarih: 24.07.2019 09:21

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