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Chainalysis Adds Real-Time Transaction Monitoring for 4 More Cryptos
Blockchain compliance startup Chainalysis has added four more cryptocurrencies to its real-time transaction monitoring tool.
Kategori: Altcoins
Tarih: 29.04.2019 08:19
BC Group Unveils Insured Custody Offering for Asia-Based Crypto Investors
Hong Kong trading and asset management firm Branding China Group (BC Group) is launching an insured custody service for cryptocurrencies.
Kategori: Altcoins
Tarih: 03.04.2019 08:26
Swiss Exchange to List XRP Exchange-Traded Investment Product
Switzerland’s primary stock exchange SIX could soon list another cryptocurrency-based exchange-traded product (ETP), which will track the price of XRP, the third largest crypto asset by market capitalization.
Kategori: Altcoins
Tarih: 12.03.2019 08:06
Bitspark Launches Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) Stablecoin
Bitspark,a cryptocurrency money transfer platform, has launched Sparkdex.
Kategori: Altcoins
Tarih: 31.01.2019 11:57
South Korea Report: Major Exchanges Join Forces to Combat Money Laundering
Four major South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges have reportedly joined their forces in order to combat money laundering
Kategori: Altcoins
Tarih: 29.01.2019 10:19
Max Keiser Says Bitcoin Will become Global Reserve Currency
More specifically, the well-known American broadcaster Max Keiser has now started 2019 by predicting Bitcoin will dethrone the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency.
Kategori: Altcoins
Tarih: 07.01.2019 09:23
Litecoin Takes to the UFC Octagon in New Sponsorship Deal
The Litecoin Foundation has partnered with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)
Kategori: Altcoins
Tarih: 28.12.2018 08:04
India Evaluating Cryptocurrency Legalization Under Strong Regulation
The committee charged with providing recommendations for the regulatory framework surrounding cryptocurrencies in India is reportedly evaluating the legalization of the asset class under strong regulation.
Kategori: Altcoins
Tarih: 27.12.2018 16:56
Almost 1 of Every 3 Freelancers Would Accept Cryptocurrencies as Payment
According to a study published by Human Network, about 29% of more than 1100 freelancers registered on the platform would accept crypto as financial compensation for their services.
Kategori: Altcoins
Tarih: 10.12.2018 16:00
Crypto Exchange Bitstamp to Integrate New Platform for Market Monitoring
European cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp will integrate a new platform to improve compliance and customer protection.
Kategori: Altcoins
Tarih: 28.11.2018 16:43

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