Sell DASH for EUR

Min  0.011 BTC - Max 2 BTC Our reserve 19 BTC

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Quantity are for information only and changes every second
Quantity are for information only and changes every second
Quantity are for information only and changes every second
Quantity are for information only and changes every second
The price will be recalculated in 60 seconds
Currencies available

Availability of Bitcoins, Ethereums, XRP, Dash, Zcash and many more popular currencies

How Does it work?

1. Create your account
2. Go through the verification
3. Exchange

How long does it take to verify my account?

The verification process typically takes 15 minutes but can take anything up to 12 hours in certain cases.

How much is the commission for the service?

BTCBIT.NET charges a fee on every transaction.
The fees are as follows:
Credit/debit card fee: 4.5%
Service fee: 5%
Bank transfer: 0%
Network fee: Depends on your chosen currency

Do I need verification?

Yes, BTCBIT collect information about you in accordance with the industry's AML ('Anti-Money Laundering') and KYC ('Know Your Customer') requirements.

Why choose us?

Reliability - 24-hours live customer support, 5* star customer feedback
Speed – Fast-track verification, immediate payments and immediate pay-outs to user’s wallet
Security – Encryption of your personal data and digital assets storage in user’s wallet

Please feel free to contact us if you have more questions

Latest Transactions
Time Deposit Receive Amount
6 mins agoBank transfer (SEPA/SWIFT)Ethereum Classic€3400
13 mins agoVISA / MasterCardDash€470
20 mins agoVISA / MasterCardLitecoin€380
26 mins agoVISA / MasterCardBitcoin€660
31 mins agoVISA / MasterCardBitcoin$170
43 mins agoVISA / MasterCardBitcoin€480
51 mins agoVISA / MasterCardBitcoin$120
Latest News and Updates
Malaysian Fintech Startup Completes First API Payment on RippleNet
A central-bank approved Malaysian Fintech startup that has specializes in international money transfers has completed its first cross-border transfer on RippleNet, Ripple’s enterprise blockchain platform using an API solution.
Sony Builds Digital Rights Management System on a Blockchain
Japanese electronics giant Sony has developed a new blockchain-based digital rights management system that may see commercial rollout.
AdvCash, Payeer and Perfect Money available now!
We inform you that in our exchange service now are available new payment methods, such as AdvCash, Payeer and Perfect Money!
Lightning Network
Lightning Network is a second-level protocol that operates on top of a Bitcoin blockchain. The developers of the main cryptocurrency payment network offer it to increase the speed of transactions. The relevance of technological solutions caused by the growing interest in digital money. The increase in the total volume of operations has led to the need for system scalability.
Bitcoin Mining
Bitcoin mining is the process of determining the cryptographic signature of operations block. The block of operations writes down the information about transactions entered into the network after the generation of the previous group of transactions (about 10 minutes). The main cryptocurrency network uses the SHA-256 Hash Algorithm. The miner is rewarded for his actions in digital coins.
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