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Broaden your customer potential by accepting payments worldwide

Credit cards

Credit cards are the most widely used online payment method in the world. BTCBIT enables you to accept the most important credit cards - Visa and MasterCard

  • Most popular international payment method with a global reach
  • Added security with 3D secure technology and PCI-DSS compliant
  • Stimulates impulse buying and leads to higher conversion
  • Support one-click payments when customers stores card details
  • Recurring payments for subscriptions and billing
Alternative Payment methods

Expand your product range with unified access to global alternative payment methods, BTCBIT’s solutions cover the entire payments value chain and eliminate the need for multiple integrations, tools, and interfaces

  • Supercharge eCommerce businesses and help meet the needs of millions of customers that don’t use credit cards
  • Add payment options to your checkout, eliminate chargebacks, increase sales and profit

BTCBIT’s client interface is simple and intuitive, emphasising security and financial transparency. Enjoy unlimited access to reports, statistics, and reconciliations; control transaction settings; and export data into billing systems via a single, easy-to-use Merchant Dashboard.


Fraud filters are configured individually for each client depending on industry, region, and business specifications. FraudStop scores transactions by enabling an interdependent analysis across multiple factors, negating fraudulent activity.

Financial Transparency

Track your financial flows through our automated billing services and regular updates on incoming transactions. Our system offers the option to create detailed reports for any time period required, increasing transparency in regards to your financial operations.

Real-time access

All your transactions are processed on our high-performance platform, which gives you instant visibility into the performance of your business and your earnings.

Risk Management

Our risk management tools performs real-time fraud monitoring and risk management to minimize chargebacks. If there are chargebacks, BTCBIT offers you all the tools to handle chargebacks professionally.

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  • Super-fast on-boarding
  • Advanced dashboard
  • Account Manager
  • Advanced security system
  • Open API that ensures smooth functionality in all its operations
  • Full integration support via a dedicated manager
  • One integration - entire payments value chain


  • Smart-routing

    Intelligent tool to maximize payment performance. Smart routing of your payment transactions to the best fitting provider gateway increases efficiency and security and allows you to send your transactions to the most economical network. Increase the acceptance of cross-border transactions and reduce costs by accessing local prices and low domestic rates.

  • All in one concept

    You might be losing a significant percentage of purchases at the checkout, just because you are limiting the choice of how your customers want to pay. With a single point of contact to BTCBIT payment gateway, we enable you to offer traditional card payments as well as alternative payments.

  • Worldwide reach

    Receive payments from all over the world. This will expand your worldwide reach and improve the customer experience.

  • Various options for ease and fast integration

    Every business is unique! Our flexible API offers the absolute freedom to realize even very individual projects. Your developers will love our easy-to-use and customizable interface. The robust and scalable platform guarantees PCI-DSS Level 1 quality, high performance and the basis for exciting user experiences – worldwide

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BTCBIT provides a combination of payment methods, tailored industry-specific solutions.

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