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Anthony Scaramucci: “The worst of this crypto winter is over”

The founder of investment firm SkyBridge Capital remains bullish on Bitcoin, despite the former cryptocurrency trading well below its all-time high reached in 2021.

Category: Bitcoin
Date: 22.09.2023 13:52
K33 Research: Bitcoin futures trading volume fell by 57%

Analysts at K33 Research linked the fall in Bitcoin futures trading volumes to the cryptocurrency market’s reaction to the fall in BTC spot trading volumes on the largest crypto exchange Binance.

Category: Bitcoin
Date: 21.09.2023 08:26
Peter Johnson from Brevan Howard Digital: “Stablecoins are the gateway to the crypto space”

Brevan Howard Digital, director of venture capital investment, said that the payment options of the USDT and USDC stablecoins will attract more users to the world of cryptocurrencies.

Category: Articles
Date: 06.09.2023 14:51
Tom Lee: Bitcoin could soar to $185,000 after spot ETF is approved

Fundstrat co-founder Tom Lee has increased his forecast for the bitcoin rate. Earlier, he said that with the approval of a spot ETF for bitcoin, the rate would rise to $150,000, but now we are talking about $185,000.

Category: Bitcoin
Date: 31.08.2023 11:53
Jamie Cutts of Bloomberg Intelligence: "Stablecoins will soon overtake Bitcoin in popularity"

Jamie Coutts believes that despite the lack of clear regulations for stable cryptocurrencies in the US, they are in for a real boom. The analyst recalled that already in 2022, there was a significant growth in the stablecoin market: the total volume of payments in the first-level blockchains reached almost $6.9 trillion. However, since the beginning of 2023, this figure has decreased by 80%.

Category: Articles
Date: 30.08.2023 13:57
Bitcoin could rise to $140,000 by 2025

A popular cryptocurrency analyst under the pseudonym TechDev predicts a massive rise in bitcoin in the coming months if the economic cycle continues as it has in the past.

Category: Bitcoin
Date: 01.08.2023 13:20
Bitcoin touches $29k as liquidations hit $150 million

Bitcoin extended its decline beneath $30,000 on Monday as the total crypto market value dipped by 2% to just over $1.2 trillion.

Category: Bitcoin
Date: 25.07.2023 07:29
Flat on the Ethereum cryptocurrency market will end soon

Employees of the blockchain data provider Santiment predict the imminent completion of the flat in the Ethereum (ETH) market.

A significant drop in the level of volatility of the Ethereum exchange rate reduced the interest of traders in the coin, and the number of publications about ETH decreased to a minimum. However, Santiment analysts do not see this as a problem and argue that altcoins often win when they are in the shadow of a bright competitor, which can now be called XRP.

Category: Articles
Date: 21.07.2023 14:30
Raul Pal: “A bullish rally in the crypto market is inevitable”

The CEO of Real Vision, a former top manager of Goldman Sachs, suggested that in the near future, Bitcoin will show a bullish rally, and the main altcoins will follow.

Category: Articles
Date: 18.07.2023 11:54
XRP Overtakes BNB to Become 4th Largest Cryptocurrency; Funding Rates Surge

Payments-focused cryptocurrency XRP has surpassed BNB token to become the world's four-largest digital asset by market cap.

As of writing, XRP boasted a market cap of $41.44 billion, with the tally surging 66% in the past 24 hours alone, according to CoinDesk data. While BNB's market value rose 6.5% to $40.57 billion. XRP's price surged from 47 cents to nearly 78 cents.

Category: Articles
Date: 17.07.2023 08:41

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