Coin Racing: Top Champions & Outsiders December 2020

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Coin Racing: Top Champions & Outsiders December 2020

Nowadays, time in the cryptocurrency universe flies at the speed of light. Rapid tradings dictate new racing conditions every day and every minute. What an amazing show the Crypto world experienced in 2020! The new year is definitely set up for turn-ups that can change online trading far-forth.
BTC gained an all-time high while fighting for $30,000, and ETH presented its Phase 0 of Ethereum 2.0 with a value up to the $740 line. This year showed that the Crypto world has a lot of surprises in store for us. We only have to carefully follow recent tendencies.
And that's not even all the main news. These are the most striking facts about the strongest coins, although there is something to expect. During the year there was talk of other important projects. Let's find out about the results of the best cryptocurrency within market capitalization in the run of the last few months of 2020. Some performances might surprise you.

December at a Glance
● 2020 showed better results than in 2019.
● December was greenest in comparison to the whole year.
● Some prices for coins reached the lowest level.
● There was an improvement to the entire Cryptomarket.
● Experts predict that 2021 will be a successful year in the world of Cryptocurrency.
Most of the coins faced a double-digit advance in price. To the peak of the rating with the increase for more than 77% had performed Polkadot (DOT).
Litecoin (LTC) follows DOT with the result of a 70% rise. At the same time, bitcoin holds position 3 with a 60.7% rise spotted. When it comes to new launches, LTC creators revealed the start of the Litecoin MimbleWimble test net with updated confidentiality settings.
Ethereum had a vibrant year with the price rise up to 33.5%. Now it landed on the relatively distant fourth place. The others performed in the range of 10% and 27%.

Champions and Outsiders
The last month was uneventful for some coins. Chainlink (LINK) experienced a drop of more than 14%, and XRP receded by leaps and bounds 63.3%. It is reported that the American Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a claim in court, with numerous portals breaking off trades in XRP.
50 the best coins rating by market cap has highlighted some champions. DOT is on the 5th place and LTC on the 6th. Theta token (THETA) follows them with a 216.5% rise. Celsius network (CEL) and decred (DCR) hold a position 3 and 5 with 131.7% and 82.6%.
There can't be any champions without outsiders. The greatest falls rating is headed by XRP and by stellar (XLM)'s 34%, and the GRT's 33.8%. Filecoin (FIL), together with Polkadot are long-hoped-for projects. Last month FIL fell 22.2%. Other coins collapsed 17.6% (NEO) and 12.4% (IOTA).

Fourth Quarter: Winners and Losers
It was no surprise that the projects that topped the year's last month prevailed in the last quarter. The first places are held by LTC with a boost of 180.3% and BTC's 170.3%. ETH's value flew up by nearly 108%, at the same time DOT's appreciated 101.9%. Cardano (ADA) boosted 78.25%, bitcoin cash (BCH) 52.33%, and binance coin (BNB) 32.73%.
CEL takes the dominant position as it faced a 461.9% rise. ZIL is in second place with 373%. DCR holds the third position with 251.6%. Tezos (XTZ) dropped to 8.8%, and Huobi token (HT) 4.7%.
The others weren't so lucky. chain token (CRO) fell double-quick 61.7% while FIL had a 38% fall. NEO and UMA are the coins whose value faced a great drop of over 25.4% and 12.5%.

Results of 2020
Many champions named before predominated in 2020. However, there are some surprises. The crown of the true winner belongs to LINK. It has flown up to 536.3%. It is followed by ETH with 470.5% and ADA with 444.8%.
Here bitcoin showed off its value appreciation of 303.65%. LTC bulled 211.4%, and BNB along with DOT boosted over 100%. On another note, the rating has no red coins.
If you look at the top 10 champions in the rating by market cap, positions change. Kusama owns a throne here with its 5,841.65% rice. CEL rose with nearly 3,730%, THETA 2,109%. Decentralized finance's most famous project (YFI) topped with 1,349%.
There is a great turnabout in the story of red coins in 2020. The price of Revain (REV) has dropped significantly, at the range of 71.9%. The next place belongs to FIL that experienced a 38% drop. Uniswap (UNI) faced the least substantial waning. Its result showed a 7.37% decrease.

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