The Best GPUs for Mining Crypto Coins

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The Best GPUs for Mining Crypto Coins

When it comes to mining, miners can choose between several equipment choices. One of the most popular ones is GPU mining. It may not be as advantageous as using ASICs, but in some cases, it is a better choice.

Cryptocurrency mining is a complex process for a GPU that requires this component, and the computer, to work hard for some time. While it is possible to choose the most suitable graphics card and begin the mining process, it may not be the best idea in terms of cost. 

The costs come up especially when analyzing the energy consumption of a GPU and the results of this consumption - electricity bills. There are many cards to consider for mining cryptocurrencies, and some of them can be a lot better in terms of value and gain. Check out the article to learn more. 

The Best GPUs for Mining to Choose From

If you find it difficult to find a graphics card, then check out the list below. It may help you in narrowing down your options to a few, and then picking up the best card.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti 

You can say that this is a budget graphics card, and can be used to have fun while playing video games and mining. It doesn't have the fastest hash rating compared to other cards, but it goes for a low price and allows you to gain profit very soon.


Has an 8GB GDDR6 VRAM.

Has a hashrate of 60MH per second. 

Has a 4.864 CUDA core.

200W power use.

It's extremely affordable considering the characteristics.


Inconvenient 12-pin connector.

Overall, the card is worth the money. It has been tested and the results show that the card is good for mining cryptocurrencies.

AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT

Radeon’s recent AMD 5700 XT was a huge success considering the results that the card offers. It is based on a 7nm manufacturing process, and overall, the performance of the card takes a lot less power. So it's a great option for mining since it won't consume huge volumes of energy and as a result, won't cause huge electricity bills. 


Goes with 8GB GDDR6 VRAM.

225W power use.

Rather affordable.

Great value considering the characteristics.

Highly efficient performance.

Has a hashrate of 54MH per second.


Doesn’t have the last generation AMD options.

Isn’t always stable.

Overall, the 5700 XT graphics card can be considered a great option for miners. It doesn’t have the highest hashrate, but it will at least be moderate with energy consumption. 

AMD Radeon RX 6800

This option is a bit more expensive but can be better in the long run. First, if you ever decide to stop mining, the card is perfect for video gaming. Even if you keep mining, you can still use the card when it’s not used for mining. It consumes less power than the previous two examples, so it could be the best value for your buck. 


Can be used for mining and video gaming when you aren't mining.

Offers 170W power use.

Hashrate 65MH per second.



More expensive than previously mentioned graphics cards.

Overall, Radeon RX 6800 is still one of those affordable GPUs. If you decide to drop mining, money spent on RX 6800 won't be a waste since it's a very capable graphics card for gaming and high PC performance. 

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090

This option is pretty expensive, especially compared to the previous examples. It also consumes a lot of energy. It will be a good option if you live in a country where electricity is cheaper. Among all graphics cards mentioned in this article, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 has the highest hashrate, so in general, you can expect a bigger profit in a shorter period. But not if you live in a country with expensive electricity. 


Has a hashrate of 121MH per second.

Goes with 24GB GDDR6X VRAM.

Has 350W power use.

Has 10.496 CUDA cores.

Extremely effective when mining for playing games.


Highly expensive.

Consumes a ton of power.

Compared to all other graphics cards mentioned in the article, you might think that NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 is the least appealing option. It’s understandable considering the price of this GPU - $3.396 (as of September 2021). But in the long run, it might be the best option. It offers approximately $8.50 of gain per day since it's so efficient and fast to mine cryptocurrency.


Some people prefer simply trading coins depending on the situation on the market, others believe it’s more profitable to mine coins. If you belong to the second group of people, consider taking your time and thinking about what is the best type of equipment to invest in. 

It might sound like ASICs are better at mining, and they are, but consider other factors. For example, if you decide to stop mining, your GPU won’t be a waste of money. Consider all possibilities before investing in mining equipment. 

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