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The Cardano network has recovered from a massive outage

This weekend, the Cardano blockchain experienced a massive failure - half of the nodes suddenly went offline and began to reboot. Now work has been restored, but the reasons are still unknown.

The failure reduced network throughput. However, the blockchain recovered on its own, without external intervention - the Cardano nodes automatically reconnected, and the consensus mechanism worked as intended by the developers. The production of blocks continued, although their release became noticeably slower.

“Last night, during the anomalies in the Cardano network, the blockchain continued to work. We recorded a short period of degradation. Most of the affected nodes recovered safely and no network restart was required. This appears to have been caused by a temporary anomaly that caused some nodes to go offline and some to restart,” said DIGI staking pool owner Rick McCracken.

At the time of publication, the cause of the anomaly has not been determined. The developers are investigating the situation and adding special logging procedures.

Category: Altcoins
Date: 23.01.2023 13:02

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