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Crypto Rating - Top Cryptocurrencies 2019-2020

Rating the most popular and promising cryptocurrencies in 2019 can be done based on different criteria. The rankings are based on adoption, technology, investment reward & risk involved in the cryptocurrency. However, merging all these factors, a holistic ranking can be obtained.

This post details these rankings and which cryptocurrencies are the best in each category in 2019. These Crypto rankings are based on objective research and not personal opinions.

General Crypto Rankings

Generally, the top 10 Cryptocurrencies of 2019 are:

1. Bitcoin (BTC) - Bitcoin is currently the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. BTC is also the most adopted crypto in 2019.
2. Ethereum (ETH) - This is the first blockchain development platform. Ethereum offers faster transactions and lower transaction fees than Bitcoin.
3. Ripple (XRP) - In a broad ranking, Ripple is the third-best cryptocurrency in the world. The crypto also comes with faster transactions and low transaction fees.
4. EOS (EOS) - EOS sits at number four when considering the best cryptocurrencies in the world.
5. Litecoin (LTC) - Although relatively new, Litecoin also offers faster and cheaper transactions than Bitcoin and is ranked fifth in the best cryptos in the world.
6. Binance (BNB) - Binance Coin is the cryptocurrency to be on the Binance DEX, which would be used as a means to exchange value.
7. Cardano (ADA) - Unlike several other cryptocurrencies, Cardano offers a scalable blockchain development network. This places it among the best cryptocurrencies of 2019. Every Cardano update is reviewed jointly by a team of scientists from all over the world.
8. Stellar (XLM) - Apart from being a Cryptocurrency, Stellar also serves as a blockchain development platform. XLM also offers fast transactions and low transaction fees.
9. TRON (TRX) - This is a blockchain platform that allows users to share content related to entertainment.
10. Monero (XMR) - A major of Monero that makes it rank among the top cryptocurrencies of 2019 is the anonymity the crypto offers. Users can send and use the money on the platform privately with Monero.

Ranking by Adoption and Risk

This ranking explores the most popular cryptocurrencies of 2019 based on the ease of their adoption across various platforms. There is no doubt that Bitcoin is currently the most popular cryptocurrency in the world.
Several multinational companies and government agencies have begun to integrate the use of BTC in their systems. Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card.
Next to BTC in adoption is Ethereum due to its DApp (Decentralized Application). DApps allow convenient use if Ethereum across several platforms.
Ripple stands in third place, although, like Ethereum, Ripple (XRM) does not get high scores with Risk and Reward. Both Cryptos are slightly riskier than Bitcoin. Although, early investors of Ripple would enjoy a lot of profit and the cryptocurrency gained a lot of value in 2015.
Another popular cryptocurrency to pay attention to when it comes to good adoption and risk and reward is Litecoin. Built to be an improvement on the transaction time and charges of Bitcoin, Litecoin has also gained a lot of popularity in the crypto world. Litecoin has already started to partner with several organizations to integrate it into their financial systems.
EOS is ranked in the fifth position when rating cryptocurrencies based on adoption and risk & reward. EOS also has a good number of DApps and is quite popular in the gambling community. Being a fairly new cryptocurrency, EOS shows a lot of potential ranking among the most popular cryptos for a while.

Ranking by Technology

Apart from ranking cryptocurrencies by their popularity among users and the risks and rewards they bear, cryptos can also be ranked based on the level of technological innovation they offer.
The top of the list in this ranking is Ethereum. Ethereum has shown a good level of technological superiority to other cryptos; with developments like DApps and smart contracts which are now being adopted to other cryptocurrencies. Stellar comes second in this ranking. A lot of users have referred to Stellar as a hybrid of Ethereum and Ripple when it comes to the technology of the crypto.
Stellar works with DApps, can create similar tokens to Eth and even issue smart contracts. And it all comes at transaction costs of less than a penny just like Ripple.
In third place in this ranking is Cardano. Although relatively new, Cardano shows high potential. The cryptocurrency is projected to solve most of the issues currently affecting already established cryptocurrencies.
NEO, which is also referred to as “China’s Ethereum” by some ranks fourth in the technology ranking of cryptos. NEO is similar to Ethereum. Holders of NEO can passively generate income by just owning NEO.
Last but not least on this ranking is ONTlogy (ONT). ONT conveniently allows businesses to install both private and public blockchains for their businesses.

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Date: 13.01.2020 13:13

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