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Warning about persons who are posing as representatives of the company BTCBIT.NET

Our exchange service customers received e-mails and calls from persons, who introduce themselves as representatives of the exchange service BTCBIT.NET
We want to warn and inform our clients that our company has the following official e-mails for communication:
[email protected]
с[email protected]
The phone number of the company is +371 66 090 222, also you can find all contact information of exchange service BTCBIT.NET, by clicking on the link:

We want to inform you that the exchange service BTCBIT.NET exclusively provides exchange services and does not provide services for cryptocurrency storage, also does not provide brokerage services to BTCBIT.NET customers.
When you make an exchange we recommend you follow for the following precautions:
- Never transfer money to unfamiliar people.
- If a friend of yours is asking you to transfer money onto a certain account, by contacting you in Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype or any other messaging system that does not allow you to confirm their identity, please call him/her over the phone to make sure nobody else is acting on your friend’s behalf.
- Be very attentive while specifying the wallet number. Once you have made a mistake, you will not be able to revoke the transaction. Use a wallet that only you have access to it.
- Please note that the only way to pay the order is to do it through our website. We never send our customers any payment directions via email, Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype or any other messaging system, we never dictate them over the phone. If you think we sent you any payment details using the way other than our website, do not use the payment details.
- If you never submitted a transaction request on our website, don’t pay.
- Never use your bank accounts for transferring the money that belong to someone else, even if they promise to reward you. Otherwise you may be accused of money laundering and be sentenced to a long-term imprisonment.
- Never use payments cards which belongs to someone else to make exchanges in our system. Otherwise you may be accused of money laundering and be sentenced to a long-term imprisonment.

Any attempt of unlawful activity with use exchange service BTCBIT.NET is guaranteed to be reported to the law enforcement agencies.
Category: Company news
Date: 03.04.2019 13:29

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