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Paolo Ardoino: “Bitcoin should be kept on the balance sheet of any company”

Paolo Ardoino is confident that the appearance of bitcoins on the balance sheets of large investment companies will become quite common. When the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved spot BTC exchange-traded funds (ETFs), it boosted the confidence of sophisticated institutional investors in cryptocurrencies. "

“Cryptocurrency ETFs have not only expanded the availability of Bitcoin in traditional markets, but also ensured the legality of indirect investments in the crypto asset through regulatory approval,” said the Tether executive.

Ideally, investment firms could hold about one-fifth of their assets in Bitcoin, Ardoino suggested. This could increase institutional interest in digital assets to add variety to their investment strategy.

Cryptocurrency regulations are starting to take shape in some countries. Considering that Bitcoin is already used as legal tender in El Salvador, other jurisdictions should quickly resolve the issue of introducing crypto assets into their financial system, the businessman insists.

Category: Bitcoin
Date: 28.02.2024 12:24

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