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State Police of Latvia warns citizens of Internet fraud

The Head Office of the Criminal Police for Combating Economic Crimes (ENAP) The Cybercrime Unit of the Republic of Latvia is once again drawing public attention to a particularly relevant form of Internet fraud - investing in dubious virtual Internet platforms. Summarizing the information available to the State Police, it was found that the actions of these unreliable virtual platforms resulted in a total loss, for people who contacted the police, of more than 460,000 euros. It should be noted that depending on the activity of fraudsters, the degree of damage can also be significantly higher.

In these cases of fraud, new platforms with new names continue to appear, but so far fraudsters have suggested investing in platforms with the following words:

***Capital Citadel FX***;
***Citadel Forex***;
***Go Capital FX***;
***CT – Trade***;
***Delloy Trade***;
***Glenmore Investment***;
***Rock Capital Market***;
***Stock trade market***;
and etc.

To protect themselves from fraud, the police asks citizens to be careful and not be too trusting when dealing with strangers.

The State Police also recalls that citizens should be especially careful when handling their personal data, electronic payment methods (credit cards) and other personal information. In order not to expose yourself to the risk of fraud, under no circumstances should they be disclosed to others.

Category: General
Date: 19.09.2019 09:39

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