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Ethereum developers have deployed the Dencun update to the Holesky testnet

On January 17, Dencun was deployed on the Goerli test network, and on January 30, on the Sepolia test network. Dencun is expected to launch on the mainnet in early to mid-March.

The name Dencun combines the names of the Cancun update, designed to improve the level of execution, and Deneb, whose task is to increase the level of consensus. Dencun's main function is in proto-danksharding (EIP-4844). This feature includes so-called blobs, which will allow Ethereum nodes to temporarily store and access large amounts of off-chain data.

EIP-4844 will reduce network storage requirements and significantly reduce transaction costs for decentralized applications based on Ethereum, the developers believe. This will be of particular benefit to second-level rollups, increasing the efficiency and scale of data processing. Protodanksharding should lower the barriers to entry for both developers and users.

The Dencun update follows a major Shapella update launching in Spring 2023. Shapella was an important milestone for Ethereum, as this update allowed users and validators to withdraw staked Ethers.

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Date: 08.02.2024 13:36

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