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Ethereum Foundation Grants $5 Million to Parity Technologies
The Ethereum Foundation has just awarded a $5 million grant to Parity Technologies to support the firm’s work building the blockchain network’s next iteration, ethereum 2.0.
Category: General
Date: 09.01.2019 08:19
A group of 12 high-profile investors and partners have poured this large sum of money for the further development of the Bakkt i
ICE’s Bakkt platform has recently raised a whopping $182 million worth funds from 12 high profile partners and investors.
Category: General
Date: 03.01.2019 07:49
Government of Abkhazia Cuts Off Power to 15 Cryptocurrency Mining Facilities
The government of the Republic of Abkhazia has cut power to some cryptocurrency mining farms due to electricity concerns.
Category: General
Date: 02.01.2019 15:22
190 Companies Seek to Enter Japanese Crypto Market
Japan’s top financial regulator has confirmed the number of companies currently wanting to enter the Japanese cryptocurrency market
Category: General
Date: 02.01.2019 08:19
Still Got Your Crypto: In Response to’s Presentation
At the 35th Computer Chaos Congress in Leipzig, Dmitry Nedospasov, Thomas Roth and Josh Datko gave a presentation
Category: General
Date: 31.12.2018 08:32
Kraken Preparing a Private Listing at $4 Billion Valuation
One of the most prominent crypto exchanges in the US, Kraken, is mulling over a private offering
Category: General
Date: 13.12.2018 21:43

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