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BMW to Host Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative’s First European Colloquium
News about the BMW Group being interested in blockchain technology broke out last year
Category: Blockchain
Date: 19.02.2019 08:20
Wall Street Blockchain Alliance Partners R3 on Corda Blockchain Platform
The Wall Street Blockchain Alliance has joined enterprise software firm R3’s collaborative initiative to develop innovative applications and solutions on its Corda blockchain platform.
Category: Blockchain
Date: 07.02.2019 17:46
More Oil Giants to Join Blockchain-Based Platform Vakt for Energy Commodity Trading
Chevron and two other major energy companies have joined Vakt, a United Kingdom-based blockchain platform for energy commodity trading.
Category: Blockchain
Date: 17.01.2019 10:49
NASA Eyes Blockchain Tech to Secure Aircraft Flight Data
NASA is examining blockchain technology as a means to ensure the privacy and security of aircraft flight data.
Category: Blockchain
Date: 14.01.2019 08:10
The First Program To Train High School Girls With Blockchain Skills
Blockchain is meant to lower barriers for people around the world.
Category: Blockchain
Date: 09.01.2019 08:15
Bank of America Reveals New Blockchain Patent Targeting Cash Handling
Bank of America (BoA) wants to patent a system using blockchain technology to improve cash handling, a new application published Dec. 25 confirms.
Category: Blockchain
Date: 26.12.2018 15:07
Business Models Should Be ‘Re-Imaged’ for Blockchain, Says Barclays Rep
An Intrapreneur from financial services giant Barclays has expressed the idea that blockchains should be built with regulatory compliance in mind
Category: Blockchain
Date: 20.12.2018 17:08
Spanish Renewable Energy Operator to Trace Electricity Generation With Blockchain
Spanish renewable energy company ACCIONA Energía is going to deploy blockchain to trace electricity generation
Category: Blockchain
Date: 20.12.2018 12:08
South Korean Government Trials Blockchain for Shipping Efficiency Boost
Two South Korean government ministries are exploring blockchain’s potential to bring new efficiencies to marine logistics.
Category: Blockchain
Date: 20.12.2018 09:59
Blockstream Boosts Bitcoin Satellite Service With Lightning Payments
Bitcoin users’ ability to send transactions through outer space has just been given a boost.
Category: Blockchain
Date: 19.12.2018 08:44

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