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Breez Reveals Lightning-Powered Bitcoin Payments App for iPhone
Breez, a non-custodial wallet and payment platform, is launching its services for the iPhone.
Category: Bitcoin
Date: 19.06.2019 09:56
100 Bitcoin Users Perform What Might Be Largest ‘CoinJoin’ Transaction Ever
The community behind the privacy-centric bitcoin app Wasabi Wallet recently brought together 100 people to collectively execute a “CoinJoin” transaction on bitcoin in what might be the biggest event of its kind.
Category: Bitcoin
Date: 13.06.2019 11:19
Bitcoin To $40K In 5 Months Once It Hits $10K, Says Tom Lee
Tom Lee, the co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors, has recently come forward to make a fresh short-term price prediction – and it is a pretty aggressive prediction.
Category: Bitcoin
Date: 11.06.2019 18:16
Study: Over 74% of Bitcoin Mining is Powered by Renewable Energy
Cryptocurrency investment products and research firm CoinShares estimates that 74.1% of bitcoin (BTC) mining is powered by renewable energy in its bi-annual mining report published on June 5.
Category: Bitcoin
Date: 11.06.2019 10:16
P2P Bitcoin Exchange HodlHodl Launches Lightning Network Support
Non-custodial peer-to-peer (P2P) bitcoin (BTC) exchange HodlHodl announced Lightning Network support.
Category: Bitcoin
Date: 06.06.2019 14:00
Binance Moves $1.26 Billion In Bitcoin, Pays $124.6 In Fees
Binance has just moved a staggering $1.26 billion worth of Bitcoin (BTC) – and paid just $124.60 in network fees to do so.
Category: Bitcoin
Date: 04.06.2019 13:45
Bitcoin Beats XRP At Global Remittances, Says New Report
Bitcoin (BTC) will always be a better solution for cross-border payments than XRP, according to the head of a Hong Kong-based remittance company.
Category: Bitcoin
Date: 28.05.2019 15:00
Bitcoin Hits New 2019 High Above $8,900
Bitcoin’s price has set a new record for 2019, reaching as high as $8,905 before retracing slightly.
Category: Bitcoin
Date: 27.05.2019 15:00
Bitcoin Price Volatility Soars 200% in April
Bitcoin price volatility has tripled over the past 30 days as BTC/USD has made an impressive push above the $5,000 mark.
Category: Bitcoin
Date: 23.04.2019 07:02
Largest Travel Management Firm in UK Accepts Bitcoin
Corporate Traveller, the largest travel management firm in the United Kingdom, is now accepting Bitcoin (BTC) for payments.
Category: Bitcoin
Date: 16.04.2019 16:20

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