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Largest Travel Management Firm in UK Accepts Bitcoin
Corporate Traveller, the largest travel management firm in the United Kingdom, is now accepting Bitcoin (BTC) for payments.
Category: Bitcoin
Date: 16.04.2019 16:20
US Trading Platform LedgerX Introduces Binary Wager on Bitcoin Halving
United States-regulated trading and clearing platform LedgerX has released a new type of derivative contract unique to Bitcoin (BTC)
Category: Bitcoin
Date: 07.02.2019 14:20
Weiss Ratings 2019 Prediction: Bitcoin Will Reach a New All-Time High
A new year means more speculative cryptocurrency predictions.
Category: Bitcoin
Date: 08.01.2019 08:32
Bitcoin Cash: Single Mining Pool Controls 50% of Hashrate
The crypto statistics service found that BTC.TOP mining pool, a China-based private entity, took over as high as 50.2% of the entire Bitcoin Cash network.
Category: Bitcoin
Date: 04.01.2019 15:07
Bitcoin's Share of the Crypto Market Is Nearing a 3-Month High
Data from CoinMarketCap reveals that bitcoin’s dominance rate reached 55.38 precent
Category: Bitcoin
Date: 12.12.2018 16:00
Bitcoin Trading Skyrockets on BitMEX,BTC Wallets Hit New Record
The current number of blockchain wallet users has surpassed 30 million.
Category: Bitcoin
Date: 11.12.2018 16:01
Bentley, Bugatti & Rolls-Royce Retailer Announces It’s Now Accepting Bitcoin
Luxury automobile retailer Post Oak Motor Cars is reportedly the first Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Bugatti dealership in the U.S. to accept Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as payment.
Category: Bitcoin
Date: 19.09.2018 12:00

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