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Cryptocurrency Bitcoin has grown by 10%

Bitcoin was trading at $22,449.8 by 07:19 (04:19 GMT) on the Index on Monday, up 10.13% on the day. This was the sharpest daily rise in cryptocurrency since November 10, 2022.

Category: Bitcoin
Date: 13.03.2023 08:25
Can BTC become a global means of payment?

In its 15 years of existence, BTC has played many roles, from a source of speculation to a hedge against inflation, but today there are growing signs that it is moving closer to its intended goal: to be a means of payment, writes Reuters.

According to Richard Miko, CEO of Banxa, a payment infrastructure provider, Bitcoin is evolving at a rapid pace in terms of a crypto payment system, even if it’s not noticeable due to volatility in the broader market.

Category: Bitcoin
Date: 28.02.2023 10:57
Large investors are returning to BTC

Large investors have started investing in BTC again after a bad month in the crypto space.

Category: Bitcoin
Date: 01.02.2023 15:36
Is a bitcoin renaissance close? 6 Signs of a New Crypto Rally

BTC has increased growth by 37% since the beginning of 2023. However, the data continues to signal that analysts say this could be a "buying opportunity," 

Category: Bitcoin
Date: 26.01.2023 13:43
Bitcoin up again? Analysts in anticipation of a "big rally"

An analysis of the RSI fundamental indicator concluded that BTC traders have many reasons for optimism in view of the further rise in prices for the first cryptocurrency

Category: Bitcoin
Date: 24.01.2023 15:25
The sharp rise in BTC caused a jump in shares of mining companies

The MVIS Global Digital Assets Mining Index, which includes data on the top 20 miners such as Riot Blockchain, Galaxy Digital, Bitfarms and Iris Energy, has grown by 64% since the beginning of January 2023. This month, the indicator showed the largest increase since its inception in December 2021, according to Bloomberg. At the same time, Bitfarms securities have risen in price by more than 140%, Marathon Digital Holdings shares by more than 120%, Hive Blockchain Technologies securities have more than doubled.

Category: Bitcoin
Date: 17.01.2023 16:03
Bitcoin price tops $19,000 for the first time since November 2022

Bitcoin jumped above $19,000 to its highest level since November. The largest cryptocurrency began 2023 with positive dynamics - the price of bitcoin has consistently increased over the 12 days of January. Traders bet on lower US inflation, CNBC reports

Category: Bitcoin
Date: 13.01.2023 15:41
Bitcoin Lost Almost 4% of its Value in December

The Bitcoin price is having trouble breaking through the $17,000 barrier. According to analysts at Coinglass, the price of the cryptocurrency recorded a 3.6% drop at the end of last month. 

Category: Bitcoin
Date: 06.01.2023 15:11
Bitcoin has lost its place as the most popular coin

The Ethereum blockchain overtook Bitcoin in total transaction volume last year, Cointelegraph reports, citing Nasdaq and Ycharts research.

Category: Bitcoin
Date: 05.01.2023 14:31
Disappearing emission: is it worth the wait bitcoin growth after halving in 2024

The new crypto winter continues to rage on the market. How will the 2024 halving affect the price of bitcoin and are there anti-halvings?

The crypto-currency market continues to show good resilience and avoids a new large-scale collapse, despite the troubles falling on all sides. However, users who have not experienced previous crises on their own account are nervous and are trying to predict a quick and miraculous deliverance, after which the crypt will fly up again. Among the reasons is halving, that is, another halving of the Bitcoin block reward, expected in the spring of 2024.

Category: Bitcoin
Date: 30.12.2022 13:30

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