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Bitcoin touches $29k as liquidations hit $150 million

Bitcoin extended its decline beneath $30,000 on Monday as the total crypto market value dipped by 2% to just over $1.2 trillion.

Category: Bitcoin
Date: 25.07.2023 07:29
Robert Kiyosaki: "Bitcoin will hit $120,000 next year"

The entrepreneur and author of the bestselling book Rich Dad Poor Dad urged investors to invest in bitcoin, as soon the BRICS countries' own currency will put pressure on the US dollar. Robert Kiyosaki has repeatedly warned about the imminent collapse of the dollar and the entire American economy, calling for investing in gold and bitcoin. 

Category: Bitcoin
Date: 12.07.2023 12:08
Bitcoin threatens to fall below $30,000

After accelerating to a new yearly high of $31,415 on Friday, BTC corrected slightly over the weekend and remains under pressure on Monday morning as the cryptocurrency hit a recent low of $30,020.

Category: Bitcoin
Date: 26.06.2023 14:28
Bitcoin price returns to $28,000 level after choppy month

The price of bitcoin has risen to $28,000 after trading below this mark for the majority of May.

Category: Bitcoin
Date: 29.05.2023 11:57
$100,000 or $180,000: experts argued about the growth of bitcoin

According to analysts, the Bitcoin price rally may be just beginning. On Sunday, the price of bitcoin was $29,000, several pips below the important $30,000 resistance point and slightly below the all-year high of $31,000, writes Invezz.

Category: Bitcoin
Date: 03.05.2023 11:12
Is the Bitcoin Rally Over?

After a bearish start to the week on Monday, bitcoin bounced back on Tuesday, but on Wednesday, sellers regained control of the cryptocurrency, and it dropped to a low of $28,645, while trading at about $30,400 earlier in the day.

Category: Bitcoin
Date: 21.04.2023 08:44
Bitcoin up 6.5% to over $30,000

The rate of the first cryptocurrency continues to grow - on the morning of April 11, the indicator exceeded $30,000, which was the maximum over the past 10 months.

Category: Bitcoin
Date: 12.04.2023 13:22
Tim Draper: "Bitcoin will hit $250,000"

Renowned venture investor Tim Draper reiterated his bold prediction that the first cryptocurrency would hit $250,000.

Category: Bitcoin
Date: 03.04.2023 13:34
Bitcoin mining difficulty increased by another 7.56%

A new recalculation of the complexity of bitcoin mining showed a new record - the figure increased by 7.56% and reached 46.84 trillion hashes.

Category: Bitcoin
Date: 24.03.2023 14:58
Bitcoin Rises To $24,000 Amid Launch Of Event Contracts On CME

The American stock exchange CME announced the launch of event-based futures contracts for bitcoin. In addition, the panic about American banks has subsided, so the BTC price has risen by 10%.

Category: Bitcoin
Date: 14.03.2023 07:28

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