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How to mine XRP?
Mining XRP has its own peculiarities making this currency particular. In fact the only individuals being able to generate it are its creators. Every coin being used for transaction is eliminated and can’t be reused in further trading operations.
Category: Articles
Date: 07.08.2019 14:30
How to mine Litecoin?
There are at least national 180 currencies that are recognized in the world. The same rule works with digital currencies - there are different types of cryptocurrencies, for example, Bitcoin, Ether (ETH) or Litecoin (LTC).
Category: Articles
Date: 18.07.2019 14:38
How to mine ZCash?
The development of cryptocurrencies has led to changes in the world. Before 2009 no one could even imagine that you can receive profit for solving certain algorithms. People were used to ordinary currency which you can hold in your hands. But cryptocurrency is completely different. In order to achieve a crypto coin, you need to find a block within a chain and to solve this block. Blocks are solved by specific machines called ASICs.
Category: Articles
Date: 15.07.2019 14:06
How to mine Ethereum?
Etherium is a platform where you can perform safe transactions since it uses blockchain. The cryptocurrency which you can mine and use to complete transactions is called Ether or ETH.
Category: Articles
Date: 10.07.2019 15:44
How to mine Bitcoins?
Several years ago, people found out about a new way of earning money - by mining bitcoins. For most of the population of planet Earth this cryptocurrency meant nothing, mostly because people had no clue how it can be used and what you can buy with it. But trading industry immediately understood its value, that’s why the cost of bitcoins was so high at the beginning.
Category: Articles
Date: 08.07.2019 14:39
The Main Benefits of Centralized Exchanges
The two biggest groups of cryptocurrency exchanges are centralized exchanges (like and decentralized exchanges (like EtherDelta, Bibox etc.). A decentralized exchange (or a “DEX”, for short), do not store funds for its users. Rather, deals are made through smart contracts and atomic swaps so that currency never passes through the hands of an escrow service – it’s just peer-to-peer.
Category: Articles
Date: 28.02.2019 13:53
Lightning Network
Lightning Network is a second-level protocol that operates on top of a Bitcoin blockchain. The developers of the main cryptocurrency payment network offer it to increase the speed of transactions. The relevance of technological solutions caused by the growing interest in digital money. The increase in the total volume of operations has led to the need for system scalability.
Category: Articles
Date: 05.10.2018 06:35
Bitcoin Mining
Bitcoin mining is the process of determining the cryptographic signature of operations block. The block of operations writes down the information about transactions entered into the network after the generation of the previous group of transactions (about 10 minutes). The main cryptocurrency network uses the SHA-256 Hash Algorithm. The miner is rewarded for his actions in digital coins.
Category: Articles
Date: 03.10.2018 12:54

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