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5 альткоинов с небольшой капитализацией, которые в будущем могут принести хороший доход

Специалист в области криптовалют Михаэль ван де Поппе наблюдает за изменением курса пяти альткоинов с небольшой капитализацией, которые обладают значительной перспективой роста.

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Date: 16.06.2021 12:59
Падение биткоина. Когда его цена начнет снова возрастать?

Известный финансовый обозреватель ресурса Михаил Кархалев в своем авторском блоге на «РБК-Крипто» рассказал о том, почему цена первой криптовалюты уменьшалась до 20 тысяч долларов. Он также проанализировал вероятность нового обвала в диапазоне от 50 до 70% и попробовал спрогнозировать, какой окажется стоимость актива по состоянию на конец года.

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Date: 15.06.2021 13:39
Крах Биткоина?

Накануне было проведено исследование. Эксперты утверждают, что цена упадет до 30 тыс. долларов в ближайшее время. Возможен скачок до 100 тыс. долларов. Оба сценария нежелательны для инвесторов, что приведет к полному краху криптовалютного рынка. Негативный сценарий сейчас является преобладающим по сравнению с другими решениями, по утверждению экспертов. Так ли это?

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Date: 09.06.2021 07:00
Биткоин может оказаться вне закона: мнение опытного инвестора

В прошлом, когда о криптовалюте никто и не думал, золото использовали как возможность инвестировать. Но со временем его объявили вне закона - запретили им расплачиваться. То же самое может случиться с биткоином, чьи активы измеряются в миллиардах, согласно мнению инвестора.

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Date: 12.04.2021 08:33
Лучшие активные эйрдропы в 2021 году

Из этой статьи пользователи могут узнать о наиболее перспективных эйрдропах. Указанные проекты все еще в разработке, поэтому к ним можно присоединиться.

Эйрдроп или с английского Airdrop - это когда разработчики проекта блокчейн раздают некоторое количество криптомонет пользователям. Обычно это происходит бесплатно, но пользователей просят выполнить некоторые условия или задачи. 

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Date: 12.04.2021 08:29
Will Bitcoin Manage To Be Implemented Into Traditional Financial Models?

Even considering a notable drop in value right after 2021, Bitcoin has managed to keep performing well in the past few weeks. On February 22, BTC reached its highest yet price - $57k, but a few days later, the price has dropped again. Nevertheless, it seems that the currency will keep rising in price - today, March 8, 2021, at 11.00 UTC, the price is over 50k again.

BTC has closed at $48.758 on March 1, and now (March 8, 2021, at 11.00 UTC) it has managed to reach $50.125 - BTC has significantly raised in price just within a week. At first, the market-leading digital token reached a new record of $ 48,635 during the beginning of February after a massive $ 1.5 million (or £ 1.1 million) investment from the Tesla company owned by Elon Musk. This event has led to an increase in the price of Bitcoin even though after a while the costs have dropped.

But this past week, the cost of BTC has again increased in price, reaching 47-47 thousand dollars. It could be due to the rumors about a new partnership with MasterCard that has begun to spread. Today, on March 8, 2021, the cost of Bitcoin has reached 50k dollars again. 

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Date: 23.03.2021 15:26
Future Governor of California: Palihapitiya May Hold a Prominent Position

Politics is a place where you can find a lot of people from different areas of social life.  Crypto advocates are part of the striking world of politics. One of them is Chamath Palihapitiya. He is the well-known chairman of Virgin Galactic. Chamat has announced his candidacy for governor of California. Many experts believe that his bid is the one that everyone should pay attention to. 

Palihapitiya is known as a proponent of the first cryptocurrency. Previously, he called digital gold the best remedy against autocracy and currency restrictions, as well as the only insurance against the risks of the traditional financial system. He has a great chance at becoming a winner in this rally. According to the latest data, he has much more chances and opportunities than former bitcoin (BTC) politicians.

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Date: 23.03.2021 15:20
Bitcoin Weekly Steady Footing & Biggest Holders aren’t Startled

The cryptocurrency market can delight many traders this week. Members noticed a healthier trend on it, especially after the posts that sowed alarm, Jeff Dorman reports.

Arca put forward the message that while many stocks of cryptocurrencies and other technologies are rallying, bitcoin has suffered defeat. He sees the reason in the leverage. It is precisely this, according to him, that worsens the situation of price movement at a time, when something natural puts pressure on sales. 

Dorman informs that the correction was much needed and expected. Up to this point, the funding rate for perpetual swaps was at a 6-month-high. In other words, longs had to pay shorts about 25 bps a day to stay in their position. Because the funding rate must find application in motivating parties to participate and to maintain a balance.

Category: Articles
Date: 23.03.2021 15:15
Bitcoin Has Almost Reached USD 50k Again - Ethereum And Altcoins Prices

The price of 1 BTC is USD 49.965 and it seems that the coin might soon hit 50k dollars again. For a while now the price of bitcoin remained below USD 50.000, but the price kept steadily rising. It has almost reached 50k dollars again, and the chances are high that in the nearest future we will see it happening. 

BTC is not the only promising cryptocurrency that might rise in price. Just a few days ago the price was slightly above USD 1.450 (March 3, 2021), and today it has reached USD 1.725, and the prices seem to be growing. Moreover, XRP-USD shows promising results as well. A few days ago the price of this altcoin was below USD 0.450, and today it has reached USD 0.466

Category: Articles
Date: 23.03.2021 15:10
Steady Bitcoin VS Altcoins Rally: Ethereum Reached $1,000

The world of cryptocurrency has been experiencing crests and troughs during the last year. Some currencies have gone way up in recent trades, and the others remain to hang behind the race. There are many tokens on the market, each of which can skyrocket in value.
The bitcoin appreciation arose significantly. However, it hasn't any chance to beat the resistance of the $35,000. Only BTC was close to this edge. Nevertheless, lately, it showed the tendency to decrease. Now BTC is trying to keep up with the range.
Altcoin digital assets have jumped up. They are Ethereum, XLM, LINK, BNB, OMG, NEO, bitcoin cash, DOT, litecoin, ADA. ETH outmatched his opponents. It revived to beat the $1,000 resistance newly since February 2018. XRP has little chance to overcome the $0.250 edge.

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Date: 28.01.2021 11:21

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