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BTCBIT would like to inform all his Customers that at 6 of June, 2019 BTCBIT was fixed violation of exclusive rights of the copyright owner - BTCBIT on the https://btcbit-trade.net/ website.

Website https://btcbit-trade.net/ content is absolutely similar to BTCBIT website https://btcbit.net/ content and infringer the right of the author – BTCBIT.

At 6 of June 2019 BTCBIT turned to https://btcbit-trade.net/ website with calm and request to delete all content from the website https://btcbit-trade.net/ immediately, otherwise BTCBIT will have to take legitimate measures.

BTCBIT received many e-mails and calls from his Customers and got information what website https://investingcase.com/, website https://etokenstrade.com/ and website https://globaltradeinvesting.com operators using the bad service practice and do not comply with the terms and conditions with customers.

BTCBIT would like to inform all his Customers what BTCBIT does not have any relation with this companies and websites.

How to protect yourself

Firms usually use this tactic when contacting people out of the blue, so you should be especially wary if you have been cold called.
Firms may use the BTCBIT name of the genuine firm, the BTCBIT licenses numbers or other details.
We strongly advise our Customer to only deal with firms that are authorised and check the website.
Be aware that the scammers may give out other false details or mix these with some correct details of the registered firm.

At 7 of June, 2019 BTCBIT was received e-mail with answer from website https://btcbit-trade.net/ there website https://btcbit-trade.net/ apologized for the inconvenience and indicates that they was deleted content from website https://btcbit-trade.net/.
Considering the above, BTCBIT does not have any objection about the website https://btcbit-trade.net/ content and copyright infringement.

List of bad service practice websites:

https://pt-finance.com - Prime Time Finance
https://ef-invest.com/ - Eclipse Finance
Skyline Market
Key Markets Limited
https://procapitalmarkets.com - Pro Capital Markets
Infiniko Trade
AAA Trade Ltd
Quantum System
DNB Invest Group LTD - https://dnbinvestgroup.com/
Goldver - https://www.goldver.com/ (Goldbay Limited)
Infinity Trade
TFX Company
Olympus Markets
PlusOption plusoption.co
Capital Access Group 
GlobalBit Services Ltd (TerraLUNA Unity)
https://stokoptions.com/ StokTradeInvest 
ASTI Invest
Universal Markets www.universemarkets.com

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