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Bitfury Brings Lightning Network to HadePay Payment Processing and Business Management Platform

The Bitfury Group today announced it has integrated the Bitcoin Lightning Network into the merchant payment processing platform offered by HadePay. Merchants across the United States, Canada and the European Union can now use the HadePay platform to accept Lighting Network bitcoin payments, using Bitfury’s Peach merchant API.
HadePay is a hybrid payment processor offering both fiat and blockchain payments which can be used by merchants all over the world in conjunction with PayPal, Apple Pay, Square and more. HadePay’s bitcoin payment service has now been made available in all 50 U.S. states in a wide variety of industries, including professional services, golf courses, lodging and resorts, non-profit, restaurants and stores. Led by Lightning Peach, Bitfury’s team of Lightning Network developers, HadePay merchants can now accept Lightning Network payments, improving the efficiency and lowering the costs of bitcoin transactions.
The Lightning Network is a second-layer protocol that operates on top of the Bitcoin Blockchain to enable instant, low-cost micropayments. With the Peach merchant API integrated with Hadepay’s platform, people can quickly and easily complete bitcoin transactions, which can then immediately be converted into another currency through HadePay, if needed by a merchant.
“By bringing the Lightning Network to HadePay’s payment processing platform, we are making it easier for businesses across the United States to accept bitcoin payments,” said Pavel Prikhodko, Head of Lightning Peach. “HadePay’s wide network will now be able to accept bitcoin knowing that the transaction will go through almost immediately. The Lightning Network is an essential tool for efficient cryptocurrency payments, and we’re thrilled to be bringing it that much closer to worldwide adoption.”
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Date: 20.03.2019 07:43

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