AlphaPoint Appeals to Institutions With Security Token Tech Upgrade

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AlphaPoint Appeals to Institutions With Security Token Tech Upgrade
Blockchain services firm AlphaPoint has upgraded its tech solution for security token offerings (STOs) in a bid to attract institutional clients.
Revealing the news exclusively to CoinDesk on Thursday, AlphaPoint said with its upgraded technology stack, financial institutions such as private equity, real estate firms and funds can issue asset-backed security tokens, thereby increasing liquidity in the market.
The firm further said that it is evolving its Asset Digitization software in a bid to help clients create, issue and trade tokenized securities in a “secure and private” manner.
AlphaPoint CEO Salil Donde said the “enterprise-grade” software enables institutions to tokenize illiquid assets and trade such assets on an exchange or licensed platform.
Donde added:
“We are enabling our customers to forge ahead with institutional adoption of security tokens as a means to streamline issuance, reduce deal costs via smart contracts, and optimize deal execution with the flexibility of the immutable ledger provided by STOs.”

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