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Ex-Tether Exec Joins Venture Launching Stablecoin Clearinghouse

Phil Potter, previously an executive at Bitfinex and Tether, and crypto finance firm XBTO are launching a stable clearinghouse for stablecoins.
Stablehouse[.]io is still in development, it is “to prevent the stable mass from the critical mass,” according to an announcement.
Stablehouse CCP, or CCP, for a fixed minimal fee. and DAI, with more options.
The venture is being led by XBTO founder for Philippe Bekhazi, interim CEO for the time being. David Namdar, a founding partner of Galaxy Digital and SolidX Partners; and Samson Mow, chief strategy officer at Blockstream.
Ultimately, it’s necessary to ensure mass recovery ”of stablecoins and cryptocurrencies.
Category: General
Date: 07.02.2019 11:15

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