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Cryptocurrency Prices: Bitcoin And Alternative Cryptocurrencies

After the so-called COVID-19 crash in March, most cryptocurrencies are now recovering from it. As it is known, before the crash in March (Black Thursday), the price of 1 BTC was higher than 9000 dollars. After the crash it was 4107 dollars. Due to some circumstances like the outbreak of coronavirus and oil price wars, all the cryptocurrencies has suffered from this crash.
But even though the crash has significantly impacted the world of cryptocurrency, it is almost back to normal. If you look at the data provided by BTCBIT.NET, you will see that currently (April 27, 09.36 UTC) the price of 1 BTC is 7720.90 dollars. Even though the market is currently experiencing the lowering of exchange rates, the prices are almost back to normal.
It is clear that Bitcoin has more support from investors since it is the first and the oldest cryptocurrency, but those major mainstream cryptocurrencies are recovering as well. For instance, considering the data provided by BTCBIT.NET, ETH, LTC, XRP, BCH, DASH and other similar alternative to BTC coins has grown in price.
For example, if you check again the BTCBIT.NET exchange platform, you will see that currently (April 27, 09.36 UTC) ETH can be bought or sold for 196.19 dollars, LTC for 44.44 dollars, XRP for 0.20, BCH for 249.50, DASH 82.34. If you look at the price of the Ethereum (ETH) coin, it is nearly the same as before the crash during the Black Thursday. While Bitcoin as reached its highest after this crash.

As it was mentioned, currently (April 27, 09.36 UTC) the price of Bitcoin is the highest after the crash. During this last week, Bitcoin has been steadily increasing in price and regaining grounds. It seems that the price is still growing since less than 24 hours ago it was sold for 7646 dollars and now it is sold for 7720.90.
This is easily explained - Bitcoin is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies and it was always sold at a higher price. It is preferred by the investors as one of the most popular cryptocurrency, so it is only logical that during the outbreak of the coronavirus and oil wars investors will prefer BTC to any other cryptocurrency. It is more reliable, and it is forecast that during the first half of this year it will be most popular.

As the closest rival to BTC, ETH is also gaining grounds on the market. During the last few weeks the price of ETH was increasing and now it has reached 196.19 dollars for 1 ETH. The experts foresee that soon it might even reach and overpass the 200 dollar price considering the recent ETH growth data. At a steady pace, it is returning to normal as it was before the crash in March this year.

Other Alternative Cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin and Ethereum coins are not the only cryptocurrencies that are experiencing increase in price. For example, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, DASH and other cryptocurrencies are gaining grounds. You can regularly check the prices of these crypto coins on BTCBIT.NET that is providing useful information about the exchanges and news on the cryptomarket.
On BTCBIT.NET you can also sell and buy crypto coins considering the given information. If you are not sure in which cryptocurrency to invest, you can read the news on this website before exchanging. You can see that other alternative crypto coins are gaining grounds too, and you can follow the information on this website.
From all the alternative coins, BCH (Bitcoin Cash) has grown the most. Currently it is sold at a price 249.50 while after the crash it was sold for 177 dollars! Now it keeps increasing in price and doesn’t seem to drop. As for XRP, it wasn’t highly impacted by the crash during the Black Thursday and now it remains at 0.20 dollars. You can keep an eye on the prices on BTCBIT.NET to be aware of the current situation on the market.

To sum up, it seems that the cryptocurrency market is gaining grounds again. Bitcoin, as one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, is growing steadily since most investors prefer BTC to all other currencies. It is a mainstream crypto coin so no wonder that most prefer invest into BTC. This is why Bitcoin has almost recovered from a crash during Black Thursday.
As for other cryptocurrencies, it seems that the forecasts are mostly popular since every coin either grows in prices, or does not change due to low impact from the cr

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Date: 15.06.2020 17:15

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