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US Blockchain Firm Partners with Sustainable Construction Firm to Design Data Centers

United States-based Blockchain Holdings Capital Ventures (BHCV) has partnered with SG Blocks, which uses cargo shipping containers in construction to develop its multi-container data centers.
The blockchain company, which focuses on real estate, energy and technology companies, will be SG Blocks’ sole partner in designing decentralized data centers. The first prototype is expected to appear in Q4 2019.
BHCV eventually plans to open a distribution channel to scale data center production, of which the company is aiming to produce 150–200 by 2020. The majority of the centers will be fixed, but the company will also going to develop mobile ones. The latter will purportedly be cheaper to launch and more flexible. For instance, a mobile data center can be placed in remote areas in order to cut energy costs.
SG Blocks, founded in 2007, develops sustainable construction solutions using cargo shipping containers. Among its clients are Starbucks, Marriott, Taco Bell, Aman, Equinox and several branches of the U.S. military.
In other blockchain-related real estate news, three Swiss companies — Blockimmo, proptech company Elea Labs Ltd. and digital assets service firm Swiss Crypto Tokens Ltd. — recently conducted a blockchain-based real estate transaction of 3 million Swiss francs ($2.98 million). The deal consisted of 18 apartments and a restaurant.
In February, the County Auditors’ Association of Ohio formed a working group to study the use of blockchain for the effective transfer of property deeds. It will examine how blockchain can increase the efficiency and management of real estate transactions and the transfer of land titles across multiple counties.
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Date: 03.04.2019 15:02

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