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Cryptocurrency EOS grew by 10%

EOS was trading at $1.2172 by 12:15 (09:15 GMT) on the Index on Monday, up 10.06% on the day. It was the sharpest daily rise in cryptocurrency since February 17th.

This growth pushed the market cap of EOS to $1.2652B, 0.11% of the market cap of all cryptocurrencies. Previously, at its peak, the capitalization of EOS was $17.5290B.

Category: Altcoins
Date: 20.03.2023 11:37
Cryptocurrency Ethereum grew by 10%

Ethereum was trading at $1,742.54 by 16:00 (13:00 GMT) on Tuesday, up 10.09% on the day. This was the sharpest daily rise in cryptocurrency since November 10, 2022.

Category: Altcoins
Date: 15.03.2023 12:41
Bitcoin Rises To $24,000 Amid Launch Of Event Contracts On CME

The American stock exchange CME announced the launch of event-based futures contracts for bitcoin. In addition, the panic about American banks has subsided, so the BTC price has risen by 10%.

Category: Bitcoin
Date: 14.03.2023 07:28
Cryptocurrency Bitcoin has grown by 10%

Bitcoin was trading at $22,449.8 by 07:19 (04:19 GMT) on the Index on Monday, up 10.13% on the day. This was the sharpest daily rise in cryptocurrency since November 10, 2022.

Category: Bitcoin
Date: 13.03.2023 08:25
Analysts predict an increase in the share of stablecoins on crypto exchanges

With the closure of Silvergate's SEN payment system, stablecoins are likely to become even more mainstream among cryptocurrency traders. The share of their trading on crypto exchanges may grow even more, writes RBC with reference to the report of the analytical platform Kaiko.

Category: Altcoins
Date: 08.03.2023 09:46
Solana reveals plans to improve network performance

Solana has published its plan to improve network updates as a response to the network-wide block production slowdown following the recent 1.14 network update

Category: Altcoins
Date: 02.03.2023 15:28
Can BTC become a global means of payment?

In its 15 years of existence, BTC has played many roles, from a source of speculation to a hedge against inflation, but today there are growing signs that it is moving closer to its intended goal: to be a means of payment, writes Reuters.

According to Richard Miko, CEO of Banxa, a payment infrastructure provider, Bitcoin is evolving at a rapid pace in terms of a crypto payment system, even if it’s not noticeable due to volatility in the broader market.

Category: Bitcoin
Date: 28.02.2023 10:57
Ankr token rate skyrockets after company announces partnership with Microsoft

Following the announcement of a partnership between Microsoft and Web3 decentralized infrastructure provider Ankr, the Ankr (ANKR) token price rose by 51.5%. 

Category: Altcoins
Date: 24.02.2023 09:03
Tether has tightened control over the world of stablecoins

The recent announcement by New York-based Paxos Trust Company, which issues the stablecoin Binance, that it will stop issuing new BUSD tokens after U.S. regulators flagged the asset as an unregistered security shook the $137 billion stablecoin market, Reuters writes.

Category: Altcoins
Date: 21.02.2023 15:46
Cryptocurrency Cardano has grown by 10%

Cardano was trading at $0.3831 by 20:21 (17:21 GMT) on the Index on Tuesday, up 10.19% on the day. This was the sharpest daily rise in cryptocurrency since November 10, 2022.

Category: Altcoins
Date: 15.02.2023 09:48

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