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    How does it work?

    1. Create your account
    All your data is encrypted and stored on secure servers
    2. Verification
    Complete the verification process to start making payments
    3. Purchase
    Choose your currency and the amount you want to buy
    Start buying and selling cryptocurrency today!

    Why choose us?

    Instant purchase and sale of crypto currency
    100% secured data
    Income up to 25% with each exchange
    Website is fully adapted for mobile devices
    Instant monitoring cryptocurrency course on the market
    Installed modern defense against DDoS attacks

    Frequently asked questions

    Can I use my Maestro/Visa Electron card?
    You can use your Maestro/Visa Electron card to buy cryptocurrencies.
    What can I do to keep my account safe?
    Use a strong password containing a mix of letters, numbers and symbols. Turn on 2-step verification to further protect your account.
    What are SEPA payments?
    The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is a format for cross-border payments within the European Union. SEPA facilitates bank transfers made in euros, meaning that payments between countries in the EU/EEA are equivalent to domestic transfers.
    Why do you need my personal details?
    BTCBIT.NET adheres to international anti-money laundering regulations and is required to verify customers as part of the KYC process.
    What are your hours of service?
    Our exchange is open 24/7. Transactions are processed in real time.
    How long does it take to verify my account?
    The verification process typically takes 15 minutes but can take anything up to 12 hours in certain cases.

    About BTCBIT

    BTCBIT.NET is a secure, reliable and fully regulated cryptocurrency exchange based in Poland, with operational offices in Latvia and Estonia. Our company provides a safe platform to buy and sell various cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Dash, Zcash and Ethereum Classic. Advanced technologies and professional expertise make for a superior trading experience for all our customers. Our website is mobile friendly so you can trade cryptocurrencies on your smartphone or tablet with confidence.

    We strive to make your trading experience as smooth as possible by offering superior encryption, on-site real-time market data, a cold storage policy for your peace of mind, and superfast transaction processing. Join our referral scheme and earn a referral bonus whenever a trade is initiated through your referral link.

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    How does BTCBIT.NET cryptocurrency exchanger work?

    Our trading platform has a simple interface. You will be able to exchange money on the site after a few steps:

    • • Register on the service creating your personal profile.
    • • Go through the verification process of the account. You will be asked to provide personal and customer documents in accordance with the AML policy and international KYC requirements. You will also need to prove your address.
    • • After completing the above stages, you can start to buy, sell, and exchange. The online calculator will show the final result of the transaction. The service records all the transactions and you are able to review them any time in ‘Transaction history’.

    BTCBIT.NET is a reliable cryptocurrency trading platform. With the help of our service, you can make the exchange of such electronic currencies as: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, XRP, withdraw them to a bank account, a private bank card or replenish your wallet. The exchanger enables you to buy and sell cryptocurrency instantly and this feature distinguishes BTCBIT.NET from the other services. The customer will spend no more than 15 minutes on all stages of the transfer.

    More detailed information can be found in the FAQ section.


    The BTCBIT.NET service guarantees the most secure transaction with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many other available electronic currencies. We can guarantee 100% security and protect the privacy of all your data.
    Fast exchange
    We will help you quickly and conveniently carry out the necessary transactions with any of the cryptocurrencies presented on our service, saving such a valuable resource as your time.
    We guarantee a high level of security during every transaction that you carry out through our service. You can be calm, because day after day, we are working to improve the quality of service to our customers.
    Technical support
    The BTCBIT.NET service team is always ready to help you in the shortest possible time in any situation that caused you difficulties and answer all your questions.
    A simple and convenient interface will help you to carry out all the necessary transactions in the shortest possible time, even if you spend your first exchange in life.

    Our service is a system created on the basis of modern software and containing the whole set of necessary functions for convenient and safe exchange of the most common types of electronic money.

    The main advantages of BTCBIT.NET exchanger are its versatility, safety, and time-saving.

    Latest Transactions
    Time Deposit Amount
    1 mins ago VISA/MasterCard €34.09
    2 mins ago VISA/MasterCard €45.46
    2 mins ago VISA/MasterCard €90.92
    4 mins ago Ethereum $256
    4 mins ago VISA/MasterCard €113.65
    4 mins ago VISA/MasterCard €93.19
    4 mins ago VISA/MasterCard €54.55
    Latest News and Updates
    5 альткоинов с небольшой капитализацией, которые в будущем могут принести хороший доход

    Специалист в области криптовалют Михаэль ван де Поппе наблюдает за изменением курса пяти альткоинов с небольшой капитализацией, которые обладают значительной перспективой роста.

    Падение биткоина. Когда его цена начнет снова возрастать?

    Известный финансовый обозреватель ресурса Михаил Кархалев в своем авторском блоге на «РБК-Крипто» рассказал о том, почему цена первой криптовалюты уменьшалась до 20 тысяч долларов. Он также проанализировал вероятность нового обвала в диапазоне от 50 до 70% и попробовал спрогнозировать, какой окажется стоимость актива по состоянию на конец года.

    Крах Биткоина?

    Накануне было проведено исследование. Эксперты утверждают, что цена упадет до 30 тыс. долларов в ближайшее время. Возможен скачок до 100 тыс. долларов. Оба сценария нежелательны для инвесторов, что приведет к полному краху криптовалютного рынка. Негативный сценарий сейчас является преобладающим по сравнению с другими решениями, по утверждению экспертов. Так ли это?

    Биткоин может оказаться вне закона: мнение опытного инвестора

    В прошлом, когда о криптовалюте никто и не думал, золото использовали как возможность инвестировать. Но со временем его объявили вне закона - запретили им расплачиваться. То же самое может случиться с биткоином, чьи активы измеряются в миллиардах, согласно мнению инвестора.

    Лучшие активные эйрдропы в 2021 году

    Из этой статьи пользователи могут узнать о наиболее перспективных эйрдропах. Указанные проекты все еще в разработке, поэтому к ним можно присоединиться.

    Эйрдроп или с английского Airdrop - это когда разработчики проекта блокчейн раздают некоторое количество криптомонет пользователям. Обычно это происходит бесплатно, но пользователей просят выполнить некоторые условия или задачи.